Where to begin? Okay!
A few months ago, November of last year to be exact, I went in for a routine  women’s checkup and my options on another form of birth control besides the Mirana (we will discuss this in another blog). Results to the Pap smear came back. Reality check!! I had what is called precancerous cells on my cervix. Yes, cancer. SCARY!! Fortunately it was just “pre” meaning stage 0 and a simple LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) is all it took to remove these cancerous cells from my body with side effects (another discussion for later). My chances of conceiving are less. My chances of a high risk pregnancy is higher. Low birth weight is another side effect. Anyways, did the procedure. My 4 month checkup is the end of this month.

So the reason for blogging! I HAVE TO QUIT SMOKING!!! I don’t think I have to explain why. I’ve done some listening, reading, and Pinterest and came to a conclusion: smoking is a drug. I need to treat quitting like I am quitting drugs. NOT EASY! And I have a plan of action to defeat this drug!

My plan:

  • Call it a drug.
  • Change my habit with other healthy habits.
  • Stay strong.
  • Be active in my group and blog!
  • Give it to God.

My other habits, habits to replace smoking. I found that would suit me is herbal tea. See it’s the process: heat water in kettle, pour water over tea in coffee press, wait to steep, and enjoy! By the time the cup is gone my craving passes and I make a habit that will benefit rather then distory. It actually helped. My problem with this trial period is i wasn’t keeping my mind off of smoking. I wasn’t think it of a drug but a relief. This is going to be hard!

Next is projects! These will help, I hope (crossing fingers)! My trial period I found for free an old end table. Real wood. I decided to fix it up and replace it with my daughters table holding her TV. It kept me busy. I had 2 cigarettes in the whole time only because I sat there waiting. Gotta keep busy! The finished product (I forgot to snap a before picture. Next time!):

The nobs I need to get longer screws. Forgot to get them today. I also could’ve gotten another can of purple but ….

Lastly, give it to God. Please give me the strength and courage to brace this change and over come it’s cravings.

If you are interested join this group I have joined. Check it out on Facebook! A group of awesome people. A few hundred (401) of smokers wanting to quit like me, current quitters (this ranges from 1 day to years) and ex-smokers! A lot of them are active.

Stop Smoking Support Group

Until next time! Oh! I’m planning on starting Saturday morning no cigarettes. Wish me luck!


About mfields

Hello! Welcome. A little about me... As you may or may not know I grew up as a military brat. Born at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California. My family and I never had the opportunity to live in another country yet I have moved from the west coast the the east coast including Hawaii many times. As an adult I moved to a little town in Kentucky named Ashland. I got my first place there and started school. This is also where I met my love, Michael, and gave birth to my sweet princess Emma Gayle. Currently, we live in Nevada where I am a stay-at-home mom/wife and a full-time nanny to a little boy. I live my life caring for my family. My family means the world to me! It is all we have after all.... I decided to make a personal blog as well as a blog for my daughter. My personal blog is about myself. A site where I can share my life, feelings and thoughts as well as my progress in quitting. The other site is for family and friends to see my girl; her development into the girl she is meant to be - her story! I hope you enjoy my journey! Malinda Fields

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