Day One: changes


Nothing ever goes as planned. Some how plans change all the time. In this case, oh well!
Tomorrow was supposed to be day one. Instead, I woke up this morning with 4 cigarettes. All gone before noon of course. Sitting here now, it is 3:30pm and I am wanting one but not wanting a cigarette… so far I am feeling alright. Kinda dizzy. Normal feelings.003

I started my day at 5:30am when AJ is dropped off. I brewed the coffee. Made Mikes lunch for work. Cooked up breakfast for the kiddos. Then I sat down to write Blog: Mirena IUD while the kids played. In between writing, I took care of any needs the kids had, and also picked up as I went. However, I really need to wash today’s dishes. You can also kinda tell my house is in the middle of being spring cleaned. And I have projects everywhere! I decided today, day one, would be a good day to get this blog going.

So here we are! Not smoking, blogging. Admitting to the world and myself that smoking is a drug. It has taken over MY life. I keep telling myself not to be a junky but to be strong and give it to The Lord. Keep busy! Relax. Everything will work out and I can conquer this addiction.

Today’s post in the group: Orange juice and cream of tartar makes a drink to flush nicotine out of your system. Who would have guessed? I’ll be buying it soon! I also changed the groups cover picture. Made an administrators chat. And since the new early hours I’m waking, drank coffee not tea today.

Tomorrow I will work on projects:

  • Banana Bread
  • Pantry curtains hung
  • And the laundry I’ve neglected the past couple days preparing for this life change.

Well, I am off to look for recipe. Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog. Banana Bread will be good for breakfast and the blog. I also have to work. Extra day more money! Plus the kid is cool and gets along pretty good with my daughter.

I can do this! Until next time…. And if you come across my page, have something to say, I would love to hear from you! Quitting smoking is a BIG change. ANY and EVERY piece of advise or encouragement will be read and appreciated. Thanks! 🙂


About mfields

Hello! Welcome. A little about me... As you may or may not know I grew up as a military brat. Born at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California. My family and I never had the opportunity to live in another country yet I have moved from the west coast the the east coast including Hawaii many times. As an adult I moved to a little town in Kentucky named Ashland. I got my first place there and started school. This is also where I met my love, Michael, and gave birth to my sweet princess Emma Gayle. Currently, we live in Nevada where I am a stay-at-home mom/wife and a full-time nanny to a little boy. I live my life caring for my family. My family means the world to me! It is all we have after all.... I decided to make a personal blog as well as a blog for my daughter. My personal blog is about myself. A site where I can share my life, feelings and thoughts as well as my progress in quitting. The other site is for family and friends to see my girl; her development into the girl she is meant to be - her story! I hope you enjoy my journey! Malinda Fields

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