Welcome to my blog! Just a quick jot – this is a work in progress. I have a few topics to share in mind… Coming soon!!! :•)

I am a horrible blogger. Haha. But i am back with something’s to talk about. 

  1. I want/need to QUIT SMOKING!! I’ve been looking into ideas… Whatever will help! Journaling is one idea (aka blogging).
  2. Projects!!! Which will be my first blog after this introduction.

So here we go…


About mfields

Hello! Welcome. A little about me... As you may or may not know I grew up as a military brat. Born at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California. My family and I never had the opportunity to live in another country yet I have moved from the west coast the the east coast including Hawaii many times. As an adult I moved to a little town in Kentucky named Ashland. I got my first place there and started school. This is also where I met my love, Michael, and gave birth to my sweet princess Emma Gayle. Currently, we live in Nevada where I am a stay-at-home mom/wife and a full-time nanny to a little boy. I live my life caring for my family. My family means the world to me! It is all we have after all.... I decided to make a personal blog as well as a blog for my daughter. My personal blog is about myself. A site where I can share my life, feelings and thoughts as well as my progress in quitting. The other site is for family and friends to see my girl; her development into the girl she is meant to be - her story! I hope you enjoy my journey! Malinda Fields

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