A new beginning!


This is sure a new beginning!

So much has changed in the 2 years I started this blog til recently. We still live in the same small town. We have added a few pets though. Our cat Shelley had 3 kittens; Patrick, Jack, and Alley. They are a handful! We also adopted a Senegal Parrot (my pet) Sarah. I have since a little girl wanted a bird. Now I finally have one and she’s sassy but so easy to care for. My daughter is now 5 and is officially on her second week in kindergarten! Yikes! Hint: I am lonely and lost. She loves it thought. And I could not be more proud. It is also one of the reasons I need to be more organized with my time.

To the BIGGEST news! Back in November I went in for a routine Pap Smear. It came back positive for precancerous high levels! Big yikes! A biopsy and a procedure called LEEP (Loop electrosurgical excision procedure). The LEEP cut/burned a small portion of my cervix. Which lowered my chance of conceiving. There is also some risk of being high risk pregnancy and low birth weight too. With that all that being said and the abnormal cells are growing back, I am now 15 weeks pregnant. Yup! I a parent of a school age child and soon an infant. Hence ORGANIZATION of my time! And a good way to beginning blogging.

So, I want to ask you other moms out there, what schedule or routine planning works good? Any templates I can go from? Things to keep in mind while planning? With my daughter going to school now we kind of have a routine (up at 7:30am-eat, brush teeth, dress, and do hair-leave by 8:30am). Evening time is another story and where I am struggling. I will gladly take any advice on this subject! Also in several months I’ll be juggling a baby too. Also advise on babies schedule since it’s been 5 yrs!

I’ll be writing more about organizing time in my next post. I look forward to seeing what you all suggest while I do my own research by next post. I also want to talk about being a school mom, pregnancy, some women health regarding getting checked, cervical cancer, IUD, and HPV. Lots of topics actually (including books!) but my biggest and priority is organizing my time.

Until next time!



Where to start…


Two years ago I got this idea that I wanted to be a blogger. As you can see that didn’t work out that well. LOL

Recently, things in my life have changed… A new chapter I guess you can call it. I have become busy with a lot of new things yet I believe I am more lonely. So, where do I begin?

Researching being a blogger and blogging ideas I came up with a some what of a plan: 

  1. I need to be more organized!
  2. Parenting of more then 1 child (yup): 1 school age, 2 new born.
  3. My love of historical romances. 
  4. My life in general as a stay-at-home mom.

That’s should cover my blogs. Let’s hope this will be my entertainment for my lonely times during the day.

My next blog a little update on my life.